Science is the bridge between our past and our future.

There was once a time when we lived in symbiosis with the natural world around us. Humans, animals, plants, and microbes coexisted in harmony, intricately connected within a mutually beneficial ecosystem — our ancestral symbiome. However, just as the natural balance of our environment has been disrupted by the realities of the modern world, so has our health and the health of our skin.

Our science allows us to understand and restore these broken connections. It allows us to identify what our skin is missing. And it allows us to create formulas that replenish, naturally, what we have lost.

Everything we do at Symbiome is a reflection of our deep commitment to simple yet effective skincare inspired by the ancestral microbiome, enabled by rigorous scientific research and formulated to restore our lost skin health.


Today, these missing nutrients are mainly obtained through lab-created ingredients. Our unique formulation processes enable us to naturally deliver the most pure and potent molecules, and with minimal processing.

Postbiomic™ Fermentation

Our proprietary fermentation of natural ingredients from the Amazon rainforest utilizes a unique blend of ancestral, native microbes to unlock and optimize the bioavailability of valuable nutrients and enzymes.

Not only does this process break down these biomolecules so that they are more readily absorbed by the skin, it also does so without high temperatures, preventing degradation and reducing energy usage. The result: optimal bioavailability and shelf stability, with minimal impact on the planet.

BioIntact™ Emulsion

This proprietary cold-emulsion process, which allows us to create supercharged biointact creams with as few as three ingredients, preserves the potency and rich biological integrity of our natural ingredients while optimizing the benefits to the skin. Completely eliminating heat, this process has a lower carbon footprint and is more sustainable than traditional processes. In addition, our unique blend of lactobacilli delivers a host of nutrients, exosomes, enzymes, and peptides, allowing each cream to be naturally self-stabilizing and self-preserving.

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